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Re: 2008 Tour De France

Originally Posted by Aaron Trent View Post
I never discounted athletic prowess based on physique, nor did I use appearance as a measure for making a sport "seriously impressive". As for drive, the desire to compete at an elite level for 21 days straight takes far more drive than most of your general fitness enthusiasts posses.
Not so sure about far more drive. I think that many fitness enthusiasts have plenty of drive, they just don't want to be/have never had the chance to be professional athletes.

How many professional cyclists would have the drive to reach a pretty high level of fitness while working 9-5 (or more), raising a family, and taking care of all of the other concerns of life. Some, definitely. Most, maybe. But not all. Professional athletes take that 9-5 out of their equation, instead of working (as traditionally defined) they are specializing, they are doing what a general fitness enthusiast cannot do--dedicate the time to being world class at a given sport/event. The fact that some guys/gals reach very high levels of fitness or even specialization part time is just as impressive as the guy/gal who can dedicate most of his/her life to being world class. In some cases it is even more impressive.
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