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Yeah Jason, it was pretty funny. Curt, (the host) out weighed his opponent by about 100lbs because he was fighting a light weight and Curt weighed in at 253lbs. But it did not matter because Curt still got his clock cleaned. Well it did not help that Curt only had 1 good day to train and learn the basics. Anyway, it was a good show to watch because it covered the MMA world pretty good and I like how they had a few more of the UFC big names on it like the referee big John and Dean Lister as Curt’s BJJ instructor. I tried to see when it will be re-aired but nothing is showing up for the next several weeks. Perhaps it will be re-aired next month. Actually, my search revealed that this was the 3rd time it was aired. The first two times were once in Feb and once in March. So maybe next month hopefully,… stay tuned.
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