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When I lived in New York, I worked out at 05:30 every weekday morning in Central Park with an outdoor fitness group. Some of the workouts were somewhat Crossfittish, although the term wasn't used.

We'd do stairs, military style PT, various circuits, -- even push presses and squats with those metal police barricades. (I once got stopped by a cop who wondered why I was carrying a barrier up a hill with a buddy!) And, yes -- we sometimes, used playground swing frames for pull ups.

My advice in a nutshell?

Try to fly under the radar. Forget about petitions, meetings, and trying to change policies. Use guerilla tactics instead. If challenged, politely disperse and finish the workout elsewhere. Wait a few days before returning to the original location.

Once you ask for permission or permits, there will be no end of hassle and frustration. So vary your locations and use of equipment. You don't want to become known as that group of weirdos stalking the playground every Tuesday at 6 PM.

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