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Yes Eric, I am watching this =) I'll email Coach and Lauren about getting official...

Actually "CrossFit Brazil" (all four of us) had our first group workout on Saturday. They're all newbies so the workout looked like this:

joint mobility warm up

practicing medicine ball cleans for 25 minutes - for some reason everyone in Brazil has perfect squatting form, so I teach everyone to clean the first day. Still working on it though, I basically use the burgener warm up, but with a medicine ball. It's going awesome.

The Workout: 12-15-9 burpees/ring rows. I didn't want to make anyone puke or die so I thought this would be about right. About four minutes of fun. I plan to build up slowly over the next few weeks.

followed by medicine ball throwing for fun. I taught them three ways to throw it (swing, chop, and wall ball) and my only rule was that they had to clean the ball before each throw. I thought they'd get tired/bored of throwing the medicine ball back and forth and playing wall ball... I got bored after a half hour - but they kept at it for well over an hour.

Then Ivan, the guy who puked mid-week, did Tabata squats with me, againt my assurances that he would get Rhabdo.

Best part is, I'm getting passable at coaching in Portuguese =p

Does this mean we have CrossFit on every continent yet? (excluding Antarctica of course)
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