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Don way to go! We will definatly have to train next time im down. Kickstart (the gym i work at) is becoming more and more CrossFit friendly now I have the owner working out with me and i even herd him recomending it to others on friday night after our WO.

The Gym is in an industrial area and is basically a big shead. Tin roof, brick walls, while in no way officaly CrossFit YET (mabye one day)
CrossFit friendly equipment we have include

* Olympic bars x 2 + 15kg training bar and weights
* About 20 broom sticks (used by kids for Jo work but hicked by me) Had the whole kids karate class doing OHS with them the other
* Medicine Balls ranging from 2kg-9kg
* 6 Punching bags that aren't haning at the moment and can be used as sand bags.
* Rower
* Power rack and Bench
* Urban track marked at 100m, 200m and 800m around Gym block.
* Pull Up bar and Parrellets ( + therabands)
* Indoor wall ball traget
* 12 and 14" Box for jumps (more being made)
* 15 x 14m matted area as well as smaller 4x5m
* Power rings (Hopefully going up next week)
* Heaps of Dumbells
* Nothing bolted down do equipment can be moved eg for FGB
* CD with tabata intervals
* Buckets
* AND a picture of Pukie on the wall in pride of place behind the rower.

Things we DO NOT have
A pec dec
HOT WATER system (nothing like a cold shower after WOD in winter.

Any CrossFitter ever in Townville welcome to drop in.

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