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Don Stevenson
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For all the folks downunder. This is far from being anything official but I'm working on getting a crossfit/kettlebell gym up and running in Sydney Australia over the next few months.

The first stage is that i'm moving from my inner city shoebox apartment to a place with a garage and a parking lot out the front. The place is also walking distance to a big athletic field and a huge open grassy area.

The plan is to start running some crossfit workouts on Saturday mornings and build up some interest before moving into a real space sometime next year.

I'll have more details soon but for a start i know that the garage gym will have the following toys to play with.

Olympic bar and plates (Dodgy set for now but i'll be getting bumpers)
Pullup bar
Kettlebells from 8 to 32 kg
A couple of tyres for dragging, flipping and slamming.
lots of grip toys
Boxing gear.

I'm also talking to a local metal work shop and finding out about a power rack and some other goodies.
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