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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

It's just a chip, right? Until it malfunctions. I have to be honest and say this chip ruined my experience in Miami for 2/3rds ot the weekend. Sure you see a picture of me on the podium dancing and hamming it up for the camera but its everything that happened into the lead up to my WZA journey. Enter 1 month ago. I was feeling so blessed basically everything was going perfectly. But my judgments, my humility, my thoughts were being watered down. I think they call it selfishness and ego. It was all about me. Bam.. that sickness..ok I'll get better.. next week my shoulder locks up.. major pain.. ok I'll train around it.. have faith vic.. so I rehabbed it.. then your Grandson's mom breaks down and lost her 8 month old.. Reese and I are the only people he has. Long story thoughts of I'm going to be a 50 year old dad. My support team had to cancel their trip. I don't know if you know this but basically sometimes I get stressed and I'm not good with directions hehe. Now I'm in this beautiful city, bay view, gear ready for war. I have prepared and gone thru war for Gods sake. I felt exposed , depressed and isolated. Even though my whole community was 100% behind me. Not very good sleep, negotiating uber to a place 15 min away enter the 5k beach run with 4 out and back mark rounding. I negotiated take it easy for a bit don't be that rabbit. All the masters were in one heat. Just float Vic. Summoning the earth, wind and any higher power who would listen to me. Unfortunately my devil's voice is saying what are you doing, why are we here, quit!!! My armory was low on ammo, I was bleeding faith and regrets of all of my diet choices over the past year. Over the last 30 days took a toll on me. By my God given talents I had a good showing. A close 3rd. After the first event in a big comp the nerves settle and we get to work. Same here until I see 11th place out of 15? WTF!! Being alone and isolated I read that rules packet. I went to town on my appeals journey. Fighting for my rights and proper placement. Back and forth all weekend. My asking for fairness and them closing the door. Trying to appeal the good sense? It was #Blackfriday I wanted to quit, rebel..I was dark. All of my fellow athletes were behind me, I was having a hard time accepting this wrong done to me.. it's not my fault.. me. got thru the last two events with anger, talent and training. Zero fun, even less motivated. Every one was on my side. Saturday woke up not feeling good digestion problems won't elaborate on it. Had to pick up a heavy bag full of sand about 20 times, no motivation in site. Saturday PM workout was more suitable and I was feeling better. One failure rep that caused me to not win. Still fighting with the chip malfunction powers. Sunday the rain came in and I was cleansed. I was ready to go and get this win even without the 30 points held from me. Oh rain canceled the first workout.. oh snap only 1 chance instead of 2. Ok gotta win the last event. Text from the chip people. Send me a picture of yourself we will check our footage. Another text saying its cleared up. All that prayer worked! Last workout got a chance to dance and enjoy. Adversity University graduate now. I love you guys. You all inspire me. #darkside #lighyearsahead #territoryfoods #rxropes #rxsg #clinchgear #fetrailers #cfds #master #iusedtobesomebody #anarchyranch #50andfabulous #granitegameschamp #wzachamp #rynopower #fitaid #powermonkeycamp
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