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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
Just "Chris" is good.

I used this year's event rankings with previous scoring systems. Rich wasn't doing the individual events, so he wasn't ranked on those events. I can't score him with the others this year.

While we're speculating, I'm not sure that Rich would have won the individual event this year. In recent years the margin by which he won decreased:
2011 - 93 points ahead of 2nd place
2012 - 114 points ahead
2013 - 72 points ahead
2014 - 50 points ahead

Last year Rich said the Games kept getting harder and the other athletes kept getting better. In 2014 he went into the last two events (Thick 'n Quick and Double Grace) just 10 points ahead of Matt Fraser.

It's possible that the margin would have closed enough in 2015 that Rich wouldn't have won.

Then again, the 2015 Games were such a slug fest that Rich's strong Sunday finishes might have pulled him through to win.
I concur, there is nothing but speculation here. Rich does well on Sundays, I would have liked to see him on the peg board. His cardio is up, his lifts still look strong (hit 365 C&J at the Games) but you never know! I think it was smart to go team when he did. Keep the legacy intact as the champ.
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