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Re: Any vegan or vegetarian crossfit athletes out there???

I consider myself an advanced athlete, but have only been doing crossfit for about a year and have been vegan for a year. I am also a personal trainer/nutrition consultant. A typical day goes like this for me:

- Breakfast - Smoothie: Raw Protein, hemp protein, frozen berries and banana, ground flax seed, almond milk, peanut or almond butter and water.
- Snack - usually nuts or a homemade bar and fruit
- Lunch - sandwich with sprouted bread, tofurkey, soy cheese, spinach and tomato. Lentil or bean soup.
- Snack - hummus and veggies
- Dinner - beans or lentils with quinoa, cous cous, or rice pasta. Salad with spinach, veggies and vinaigrette.

As a vegan I have found that I have an easier time when I make large batches of meals and store them in the fridge for the week. I make vegan chili, quinoa cereals, bean and lentil soups, bars, trail mix, overnight oats, etc.

If you haven't switched over yet, it would be easier for you to go vegetarian for a couple of weeks then gradually phase out dairy. Good luck and check out for vegan info.
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