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Re: Any vegan or vegetarian crossfit athletes out there???

I'm also a vegan athlete. I would consider myself an advanced athlete in my sport (volleyball) and an intermediate Crossfitter. I've been doing Crossfit for a couple of years and have been a vegan for about thirteen years, so a vegan diet has been fully compatible with being an athlete for me over the long term. A typical day (I make no claims to my diet being ideal by the standards of this board):

Breakfast: Vega One shake (made with water), two or three slices of multigrain toast with Earth Balance, berries, glass of soy milk, cup of coffee

Lunch: usually a frozen meal from a company like Amy's (yes, I know this is bad) and a soy yogurt

Snack: energy bar and/or banana

Dinner: tofu or seitan stir-fried with lots of veggies over rice, quinoa, or pasta, often dessert (the probable source of the extra five pounds I can't get rid of)

I would second Brian's comment about the protein obsession of a lot of athletes being overstated, and I also think the aversion to soy is groundless.
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