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Re: Why can't i get stonger!

Originally Posted by Jake Breakey View Post
Right now i am following and it is "off-season" now so I think strength building will be the focus but i may add in some extra strength work. And for nutrition I am going to try to do paleo but will probably keep dairy and peanut butter in. It is hard for me to get enough food while I am at home but at school it's not a problem
deffinetly don't add in strength work... did you even see todays workout it was more than enough. If you didn't realize the BB Gymnastics is also strength work too.

BB Gymnastics
A. Snatch off blocks 7x2

B1. Snatch High Pull 4x3
B2. Drop Snatch 4x3

A1. Weighted GHR 4x8
A2. BB Turkish Getup 4x3

5 Muscle Up
100m Row
4 MU
200m Row
3 MU
300m ROw
2 MU
400m Row
1 MU
500m Row
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