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Re: Dick's Sporting Goods drank the Kool-Aid

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
The second largest sporting goods chain in CONUS (Academy Sports) did a photo shoot for some of it's model's at a cf box for it's ad's.

Trust me when I say it's on the radar of these companies in a much bigger capacity than you know. There have been top level company VIP's from companies like these flown into the RBK HQ just for crossfit stuff. When I say top level I mean CEOs/CMOs and that type of level. Of course when they get back they start stiring the pot for the folks further down the chain.
Good. Maybe they'll stop putting out such garbage products. When trying to outfit my home gym there was virtually no decent equipment in Dicks, Big 5, Academy, Sports Authority, or whatever. I couldn't even find a decent rack anywhere.
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