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high intensity vs. low intensity training, continued

Unless I have missed the discussion on this Forum, I think you will find the following study very interesting: MUST ANNOTATE ALL LINKS WHETHER WORK AND FAMILY SAFE.

It has been discussed on the following rowing Forum: MUST ANNOTATE ALL LINKS WHETHER WORK AND FAMILY SAFE.

Cutting right to the conclusions, at least the way I read the data, shows that 36 elite German junior rowers spent 95% of their ROWING time in "low" intensity workouts (blood lactate <2mmol/L; heart rates <160bpm) (which would be about 80% max heart rate for these young folks, my interpretation). They spent only about 3% of their time in "high intensity" workouts, ramping up during the competition period. They rowed about 97km/week. Furthermore, their total rowing time was only 52% of their weekly workout, while resistance training occupied 27% of their time, and this was "high repetitions with moderate loads."

The authors call this training "polarized," ie, extreme low-intensity combined with high intensity (my interpretation).

Additionally, the authors feature this training as maximizing performance with decreasing over-training, injuries, etc. (I may have overstated this).

Training for the long-haul?
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