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Bicep strain/sprain in shoulder from burpees

So about 2 months ago I got a pretty severe case of Rhabdo from ANGIE which destroyed my right bicep. ( )

Now I have been back on my road to recovery for 2 weeks. Ive been doing lots of Hot Yoga for mobility and endurance as well as short 5-10 minute met cons. I decided to do my first 10+ minute met con on Friday 2-22 which consisted of:

20 burpees
20 #135 push press
20 burpees
20 #135 front squat
20 burpees
20 double unders
20 burpees

I completed this in 11:09 relatively easily but felt some tightness in my right shoulder. By Sunday my shoulder swelled up, however my urine was still clear and I still had a decent range of motion. I figured it was some DOMS from all the burpees and started flushing it with water. By last night (Tuesday 2-26) the swelling had left my shoulder completely but some has seemed to have sunk into my bicep so I went to my doctor. He says that my bicep is still very weak from my Rhabdo and I have sustained a pretty bad strain/sprain in the tendon where it connects into my shoulder.

Now I knew I should be taking it easy on any pulling exercises because of what happened to me with the Rhabdo, but at some point I have to start pushing new boundaries in order to return to the shape I was once in. I am now a bit disheveled because I am worried that every workout I do, although it seems easy at the time, is going to bite me in the *** a few days later. I now have to take 10-14 days off from lifting and can only do "cardio".

I can't afford to be having anymoe setbacks, I am signed up for the May 18th Civilian Military Combine at Camelback Mountain (PA) and need to start getting my endurance back as well as build strength back in my Rhabdo arm. Has anybody had experience with restrengthening a bicep and its tendon as well as how to get my feet wet again without overdoing it? I really enjoy Crossfit and don't want to go back to a regular gym. This has been extremely frustrating and disheartening for me. Any type of advice or return to training program would be highly appreciated.

Thanks everyone,
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