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I've been doing some reseach on the boards and haven't really seen the answer to my question yet, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if the vast amount of knowledge contained in this community can help me.

First some background info and data. I'm 36, 6-2, 210, 17%BF. For the last several years I've been doing LSD triathlon and running training almost exclusively.

Before coming to CrossFit, I had never done weighted squats before. By never, I don't mean not for a really long time. I mean never. Ever. In my life.

When looking at my results compared to others though, I've noticed something that stands out in my mind. It's not the amount of weight I can squat relative to others here. I have no ego issues with that (I know I'm weak :happy:). It's the ratio of what I can front squat to what I can back squat. I've seen several threads in the archives about what the ratio should be, and there is some disagreement with the exact numbers, but in general there seems to be concensus that you should be able to back squat more than you can front squat.

When we did the 5x5 back squat WOD at the end of June, my max was 115# for the last set of 5 (told you I'm weak :biggrin:!). Doing the 7x3 front squat WOD a couple of days ago I was able to put up 155# twice before failure on the last set.

My thinking on this when compared to everything I've read on the boards is that this difference is pointing out an imbalance or weakness that I have in my musculature that gets exposed doing back squats, but not when doing front squats (or not as much :wink:). Only I'm not sure where/what it is and what I should do about it if this is the case. I can say that I feel MUCH MORE comfortable doing front squats than doing back squats. The only way I can describe it is that I feel more stable and balanced.

If this is a muscle imbalance issue, short of doing more back squats (which I'm not opposed to, btw), are there other exercises, skill work, etc., that I can and should be doing to help correct this?

Any and all help that y'all can offer will be much appreciated. Seeking to understand...

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