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Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

IBS: I've always had an icky stomach. From age 20-30 I actually starved myself days before having to go anywhere (shopping, appts.) because I was so scared of being sick away from my home turf! NOT a good weight management program! I think that is a lot of the reason why I can't seem to get any weight off now. My metabolism is dead.
Anyhow, now my tummy is all one way or the other, and, trying to go cold turkey into Paleo, pretty much did me in. Today, praise Jesus, I pooped a ton and I'm eating prunes and apples and drinking hot tea galore. Hopefully I won't be chasing 3 year olds out of the bathroom on Monday to relieve myself!
In other news: My body would simply NOT do lunges today. It was the most frustrating thing ever. It was as if my lower body were made of lead. I'd get in position, kneel down, and that was it. Nothing. I tried both legs several times, lengthened/shortened my stride. Dead legs. Isn't that weird? So, I e-mailed Amy and she said my body must still be trashed from that horrendous workout on Wednesday (how pathetic am I?) and, for me to stretch lots and drink fluids and don't do anything tomorrow, not even clean house or do yard work!!! How cool is that?
Recap: I'm pathetic, but, have a written excuse for work. I'd say that's a decent trade-off.
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