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I lurked for quite a while before starting and I have done a few scaled WOD based upon the equipment I have been able to accumulate while I get in better shape to be able to do WOD as Rx'd.

Aside from my fascination with the philosophy, Crossfit pushes and drives you to reach achievements you never would have considered.

Last night I approached the WOD with a great deal of apprehension because I had never done a weighted Pull-up. I decided to start with the most handy adjustable dumbbell without checking the weight and actually did okay. So I added 5 pounds and did okay and kept going until I couldn't add more on the last two. Then I figured out how much I had used.


I never would have even tried a weighted pull-up if it wasn't for Crossfit. Who in their right mind intentionally creates a workout like Cindy or Mike? But here I am doing things and accomplishing physical feats I never even would have dreamed of trying. I am excited to see how Crossfit helps me improve, but in the mean time it sure makes exercise a lot more interesting.
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