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Re: I need you to guess what I weigh. (Pic)

Thanks for the replies. I'll let you know how close you all were a little later.

What/how I'm eating:
When I first started crossfit, I was eating junk. But my diet was always a ton of meat. So naturally, I figured paleo would be a good fit for me. I didn't try paleo to gain weight though, I just wanted to put better fuel in my body. So at this point I'm kinda paleo (i add milk and some occasional goat cheese). I eat a ton of steak, ground turkey, and bacon. I squeeze in frozen vegetables when I can. And I eat a lot of nuts. I won't eat much during the day because I have trouble keeping it down during a wod. most of my eating is after the wod up until bedtime. I work nights though so it's not like I'm waiting till the end of my day to eat all my food.
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