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Re: AtLarge Nutrition

And on an even more positive note, this settlement is also allowing us to bring back Nitrean+ Dutch chocolate and vanilla! You can pre-order now for shipping by the first week of June (we have been promised the product will ship to us June 23-26th). Secure yours now. Oh, AND most importantly of ALL, we will be getting weekly shipments of product as part of our new agreement and that will help to avoid the horrible waiting times we have been experiencing.

I know the waits have been ridiculous and I know it has hurt business. I have owned AtLarge for 12 years now and this delay stuff has only been happening for the past year. It was due to a supplier relationship gone sour and other factors. With this new agreement it should be a thing of the past for the products we offer via this supplier (for now, Pre-Workout, Nitrean+, and Opticen+).