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Science ain't going to work, and this comes from a former graduate assistant, who worked in a human performance lab. Just too many variables. But let's just analyze the attributes needed by a MMA fighter and see what program develops those attributes most efficiently. Straight up, I have an issue with any machine based program. Now look at the exercise selection...horrible (1/4 range reps, isolation exercises, curls for god's sake!). Additionally any workout you could do for an hour, is not going to optimize preparation for a fight with rounds of 3-5 minutes. His whole program makes no sense for what he is training for (I'll go as far to say his program makes no sense, for any athletic conditioning). The problem is most fighters programs suck. Fighting is so skill and toughness based that excellent fighters win, despite horrible conditioning programs...then those conditioning programs are "validated" by the win. Lot's of bad conditioning programs are offset by training rounds in sparring and rounds on the heavy, top and bottom, and speed bags; this SPP is vital and provides conditioning. If this guy shifted his program to a Olympic Weightlifting program alone he would be 100x better off.
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