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Re: 2010 games scoring - impossible to catch up?

To the person that posted the spreadsheet: You're doing it the right way, but you miscounted the Max OH and Pistol Events. Spealler is given 3rd and Graham is given 15th in the max OH. I think you gave the MINs better ranks than the Maxes. You need to change it to be Descending in those events, so use a "0" instead of a "1." =RANK(D3,D$3$18,0)

BTW, assuming your numbers are correct, and just making the change from "1" to "0," I am getting different results than the other guy. I am showing the first 3 being the same, and then some changes after that.
Edit: Nvm I think a bit of your original data is wrong, and I guess you also need to fix the ranks for PU/OHS and T2B/GTO

Anyway, here is a long-winded explanation of what is going on, copy-and-pasted from the other thread:

So you have 4 athletes. You cut to 3 athletes after 2 events.
Abby - 1st both times (2)
Beth - 2nd and 3rd (5)
Catherine - 4th and 2nd (6)
Dorothy - 3rd and 4th (7)

Ok, so now you cut Dorothy. She's out. No more even considering her in anything. Now you reassign scores before the next event:
Abby - 1st both times still (2)
Beth - 2nd and 3rd still (5)
Catherine - Changes. Dorothy doesn't get considered, so she gets 3rd and 2nd (5).

So now the next event begins. There's only 3 competitors, and you rank them as you normally would and add their scores to their totals. The difference is that the earlier events don't have any more people because they are fixed to only consider those that advanced. So the next event is:
Catherine - 1
Abby - 2
Beth - 3

So that comes out to be:
Abby: 2+2 = 4
Beth: 5+3 = 8
Catherine: 5+1 = 6
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