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George Mounce
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Jeff two things:

1) Fat doesn't have a glycemic effect, its more calories then anything. Do not try and balance it out with more carbs/protein in the meal. Just shrug, love the taste of it and move on to the next balanced meal.

2) Many people use the Zone to lower their blocks to obtain a body fat % then add fat blocks to level out their calories. I did this at 17 blocks with 51 blocks (3x) of fat a day. This by no means meets 40/30/30 its more like C25/P25/F50. I recently have gone back to 22 all-around blocks. My bodyweight has changed a whole 2 pounds heavier, but I'm still at 7% body fat so its got to be muscle. I'll take that. So you didn't mess up as bad as you think you did.

The simple fact that you are even thinking about these types of things puts you way ahead of a lot of people.

The Zone is simply making each meal a recipe rather then just randomly throwing things together. Get a notebook and just write down each meal, pretty soon (and believe me you can do this) you'll be able to make snacks + lunch for work in about 10 minutes of prep time. Throw it in a cooler and go!
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