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For a long time I have been one of the fittest people I have known. That is until I came across the Crossfit lot who put me to shame - and rightly so. Long have I been looking for honourable, respectable people from whom to learn, and this community sparked such a connection of its own accord only a couple months ago now. This training, this community changes people, it changes lives. For example, while a few months ago 30-40 squats near killed me, I pulled out 100 squats in a row while making my breakfast this morning and still had gas left in the tank. I know it is still small compared to some, but I have had a bit of a smile on my face all day about it because it was a person best for me. I am discovering new limits all the time. The more important changes to me though, are the ones felt after the training is done, the heart rate re-stabalised. I generally just feel more like the person I am made to be, the person I have it in me to be, and that is a very satisfying feeling.
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