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Re: Help needed: SLAP Tear/Labral tear in shoulder

Hey Michael. I have a SLAP tear in both shoulders, L>R. They're pretty old (about 8 yearsish). This year, the left one was becoming very problematic with all overhead movements, so I had a single PRP injection into the joint space, and prolotherapy to all the rotator cuff tendons. I'm about 95% pain free now. The other thing I really have been focusing on is mobilizing the surrounding structures in my pecs, lats, traps, and t spine (and shoulders, obviously).

I'm not going to have surgery unless I can't use my arms. At my age, the success rate is poor, and any time someone mucks with normal anatomical arrangements, my eyebrows raise. It just doesn't seem like an idea that's going to give me any sort of longevity.

Hope this helps.

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