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Re: Recently had a microdiscectomy. Will take Qs if you are considering...

Sara - I had the exact same surgery back in 2005. Last Monday I deadlifted 365 as my 1RM (first time doing it), and routinely can lift 225 for reps. Can squat about 245, etc.

So I'd say it was a success. I very seriously doubt that you have caused yourself permanent damage, especially if you're doing that well with pain after the surgery.

What I did personally was to talk to the doctor (NOT the nurses - the doctor; I say this because all the nurses would do is calmly listen to you and then say "Uh huh - don't do ANYTHING" :P) and very specifically discuss with him my goals. I stated "I don't want to be a tough guy; I simply want to do EVERYTHING possible to allow this to heal as quickly as possible." I asked him what I could do that would make it 'hurt' but would not DAMAGE it; my rationale being that I can deal with 'hurt' pain, but that I'd back down if it got close to 'damage' pain.

For me, that was the best possible thing I could have done. I was driving after a few days, and at about the 3 week point I was given clearance to do VERY slow elliptical training to loosen things up. The loosening of joints, muscles, etc., was so relieving it was almost orgasmic. LOL!

6 weeks after surgery (the surgery was in May of 2005) I was cleared to do basic, LOW weight training (e.g., deadlifts with the bar), and after about 2.5 months I was given a clean bill of health. I deadlifted 255 lbs in December of that year, and have been great ever since.

I agree that your nerve is just regenerating; they usually have to move it around just a smidge to do what they need to do when they're operating. Occasionally it'll itch, or you'll get a quick 'stab' of pain, but that's about it.
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