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Re: Recently had a microdiscectomy. Will take Qs if you are considering...

Originally Posted by Sara Lynn Miller View Post
It was not a light decision. I was walking with a ruptured disc since November and decided that even though the leg pain had subsided and I could function normally on a day to day basis I wasn't happy with it. There were still alot of neural tension and still loss off achilles reflex, I realized that nerve needed to be released and give it time to heal. I had a large extrusion and not just one piece in the spinal canal, but two. But they were not sequestered; still in tact.

I am so happy that my surgery was a success. Though I never really doubted that it wouldn't. I chose my surgeon carefully and knew the success rate for this type of surger is over 90%.

The surgery took just 45 min and the incision was about one inc. It has been 5 days post-op and already on day 2, I was off the pain med and muscle relaxer the doc presribed. I now take 800mg Motrin as needed and not necessarily every day. The first and second day I was stiff as a board ( from the incision). But then as days went by my mobility got much better.

I am walking but I do noticed that if I walk for too long the leg starts to ache and itch. The leg pain is not bad, just at a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. This is normal they say, as the nerve is trying to heal from messing around and moving about during surgery.

Now, I guess only time will tell if Ive done permanent damage to the nerve.

To those that have had this surgery, feel free to share your story as well. And mostly curious about those who are 2 to 3 months post-op.

I guess I covered everything I thought was important to share...
best of luck I know it must have been a tough decision, but your nerve will be better in the long run for it.
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