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Re: Milt's Log II

Its been a while since I posted....seems to be a theme for me!

Anyway, with work being super-busy and with school and all, been tough to make time for the gym. I have a few un-logged work outs, but I have been out of the gym for the most part all year.

I did just get back from a two-week trip to Japan, where I walked and walked and walked! Probably about 10km a day, actually wound up walking off about 8 pounds while there!

Trying to get back at things...

April 7, 2017

EMOM 10 min:
6 right-hand-overhead KB lunges
6 left-hand-overhead KB lunges
(alternating legs)
Done with 24kg KB

20 32kg KB swings
10 right-hand DB wood-choppers
10 left-hand DB wood-choppers
20 jump lunges
Rounds: 4+20 KBs + 7 wood choppers - good work on stabilizers and glutes!
M/old/tall/heavy - Old Log
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