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Look up Kegel (SP?) exercise. In the process of keeping your abdomen tight you need to tighten up your pelvic floor. To be indelicate pretend you are trying really hard not to crap or wet yourself during the lift. Even if you have nothing in your bowels or bladder. This should keep things where they belong. Lots of people who never lift get hemorrhoids, lots of people who do lift don't get them.

From what I remember most people get them from bearing down during an attempt at a bowel movement when they are not getting enough fiber. I have also heard that they may be more likely to occur during childbirth.

I have been lifting for almost 30 years and have been lucky enough never to have developed them. I can't say I wont ever, or wouldn't get them if I squatted >1,000 lbs like some of the monsters out there. I'll just skip the badge if it's all the same.
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