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Quad Pain

Ok, so i'm new and i probably jumped in way faster than i should have. I have been doing insanity since october and felt like im ready for crossfit. The first workout i did was a thursday workout (4/18):

4 rounds of:
400m run
50 squats

I did all of it and took like 30 mins.

The next few days my legs were sore as hell. Today they finally felt better. I have been doing a couple workouts in between as well. 3 rounds 800m run 30 wall ball throws. I didn't go all the way down in the squats as they were sore. Also did the baseline test. So today decided to do the overhead squats which were Px yesterday. OHS 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 The first one i did the quad pain was back.

So my question folks.....have any of you beginners felt this quad pain? What did you do to help? What would you suggest i do to help?

Today i figuerd that i need a better warmup everyday and some good solid stretching everyday. I sometimes skip a cool down i def. need to do that. But im willing to hear whatever!!
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