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Re: On Ramp/Fundamentals Class?

Nicki Violetti (Robb Wolf's wife) wrote a couple of good articles about NorCal S&C's On-Ramp they are on the Catalyst Athletics website in the article section.

She talks about dedicated points of entry to your gym, its community and ultimately growth, retention and referral rates. I think this idea of points of entry is a good way to approach the issue. You may want to use two or three different points of entry depending on the members experience coming in the door. I think what is important is that you have a predetermined system for handling this.

Brand new never CrossFitted before must attend On-Ramp/Foundations Class.

Experienced CrossFitters must demonstrate skills. Pick 6 or so movements to judge if they know what they are doing. Wall balls, over head squats, kettle bell swings, thruster, power clean and so on will quickly separate those that truly know what they are doing from those that don't. You don't have to use heavy weights to test people either to minimize injury risk.

If they know what they are doing then let them into the regular class. If it quickly become apparent they "over estimated their CrossFit knowledge and skills" suggest in a firm friendly manner a brush up in the On-Ramp/Foundation class is what they should do.

You have to adjust the approach to fit with your local market but hopefully this gives you a frame work to think about it.
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