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Re: Resting Heart Rate as an Indicator of Health

Originally Posted by Kevin Simons View Post
I have been checking my resting heart rate the last few mornings out of curiosity. I was really surprised that it usually comes in around 72-75 bpm. On some of the sites I have checked, this puts me in the "below average" category for my age. This seems weird to me because I consider myself remarkably healthy. You can see some of the numbers in my signature, and I also have a 3:13 1k row and 35 rounds of Cindy. Body fat is a bit high right now, but not much different than my avatar. How good of a health indicator is resting heart rate, and what are some of your numbers?
You might want to try checking it first thing in the morning, lying down, and take some really deep slow breaths beforehand. Don't hold your breath but try to get to a point where you don't need to take much breath.

I have decent cardiovascular endurance but my RHR is usually between 59-65. Whatever.

Originally Posted by Eric R Cohen View Post
I have heard a high resting heart rate is often a sign of over training...
Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
Check it at various times during the day. If it's still that high, it sounds like a good sign of overtraining or at least something that should be checked out. I'm not in near as good a shape as your numbers indicate, and my RHR is usually in the 40s.

The high RHR thing and overtraining is only if it is higher than normal. For example if you're heart rate is always 72, it doesn't mean you're overtrained. But if your heart rate is always 45 and then one morning it jumps up to 75 without doing any activity, then you're overtrained. The idea is that the body is working harder to do the same activity, which means you're not making gains but rather regressing.

Originally Posted by Marcel Zwinger View Post
personal experience: I have a higher heart rate, when I consume too much caffein.
also, when I drink too much
and normally it has something to do with potasium deficiency ...
Well, caffeine is a stimulant, so of course your heart rate will increase. Other stimulants like cocaine and amphetamines will do that too.

Originally Posted by Sean Rooks View Post
Isn't a high resting heart rate considered a sign of overtraining for endurance athletes while vertical or broad jump is considered a better indicator of overtraining for strength athletes?
Sounds about right. Grip strength via dynamometer is probably a better one since it wouldn't be affected by leg fatigue/soreness, although it's hard to get that equipment.
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