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Nothing contradictory here, just some VERY complex machinery! I've tinkered with both approaches and from an emperical stand point both work. The post WO insulin spike will get me chubby in quick order. The low or no carb option tends not to.

We have an article comming up which looks at this stuff but here is something to consider in the mean time:

Caloricc restirction with adequate nutrition (CRAN) seems to have a host of health benefits but maintaining muscle mass (if the CR is overly severe) is not one. Intermittent fasting (one day feast, one day fast) on the otherhand has all of the benefits of CRAN but it can mitigate weight loss so long as one consumes, on average, the same calories as normal.

Both CR and IF increase the neuro-endocrine response (this is part of why the Zone works IMO) to exercise and promote an acute adrenal cortical response but IF dramaticly increases IGF (the insulin like growth factor Michael mentions), and some other anabolic biomarkers.

Early indications are that there are two completely different mechanisms at play here but they produce quite similar results.

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