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Re: A gallon of milk?

Originally Posted by Derek Heinonen View Post
Quote from Rip: " has all the components necessary for growing mammals, which your trainees most definitely are. There also seems to be something special about milk that the equivalent amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs can't duplicate in terms of growth enhancement." ....
There also seems.....not science has proven. Ok so replace 2000 cal of milk with 2500 cal of regular food if it isn't 1:1, or whatever the number may be. You can get protein from much better sources than milk. Most BBers do not touch milk since it as a protein source vs other sources it su cks . Carbs, you mean simple sugars ala skittles? Milk is such a processed food now that it is very different from what the heffer feeds it's young (colosterum...milk straight from the pregnant cow. That's where all the nutrients are at.). I love milk. My best friend owns a factory farm.
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