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Re: A gallon of milk?

Originally Posted by Kris Warner View Post
He advocates this because most young atheletes aren't going to eat 4000 calories a day in solid food. So if they eat 2000 cal and drink a gallon of milk they are almost there. I don't think that drinking a gallon of milk is as important as the extra protein/fat/calories that come from it. It could be X amount of Y as long as you are still getting the calories from it. Milk is really nutrient dense and also convenient. I don't know a lot af 16 year olds who will grill 4 lb of chicken breast at a time so they have food for the next 2 days. If you can get all those calories in the form of solid food or a shake, then do it.
Quote from Rip: " has all the components necessary for growing mammals, which your trainees most definitely are. There also seems to be something special about milk that the equivalent amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs can't duplicate in terms of growth enhancement." ....
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