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Re: The Importance of Strength in Olympic Weightlifting and Other Power Output Activi

Originally Posted by Alex Chaney View Post
If you had a 400lb squat, you'd become a better olympic lifter. If your squat number increased in general, you'd become a better olympic lifter. How do you think the top olympic lifters can squat 600 or 700 pounds, they practice it a lot. This article isn't meant to bash the olympic lifts but just point out the importance of building up your absolute strength before you start worrying about your power output.
I'm not debating that you can theoretically lift more if you are stronger.

However, if I waited the year + it will probably take me to get a 400# squat, plus the almost two years since I have learned the lifts, that would put me three years behind in terms of learning the technique.

It's not an either/or thing. You can get strong and learn correct technique concurrently with no problem whatsoever.
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