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Re: The Importance of Strength in Olympic Weightlifting and Other Power Output Activi

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
I agree with your premise, not with your conclusion.

Yes, absolute strength is very important and should be worked on. Which is why most weightlifting programs have a very healthy dose of squatting, pressing, pulling, etc.

No, you do not need a 400# squat before you should focus on Olympic lifting. I think the prerequisite is that you can hit the positions (correct pulling position, overhead support, front rack, rock bottom front and overhead squat) without issues.

Heck, if it was recommended to squat 400# before you work on Sn and C&J then I'd be screwed - I only have a 150kg squat with a 107/120kg total. Not really impressive but I get by with working on those while also getting stronger.

And, Russ, you're missing the point of the discussion if the thing you choose to discuss in this thread is how Froning trains.
If you had a 400lb squat, you'd become a better olympic lifter. If your squat number increased in general, you'd become a better olympic lifter. How do you think the top olympic lifters can squat 600 or 700 pounds, they practice it a lot. This article isn't meant to bash the olympic lifts but just point out the importance of building up your absolute strength before you start worrying about your power output.
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