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Re: The Importance of Strength in Olympic Weightlifting and Other Power Output Activi

I think the pursuit of strength as a base is a great idea for sure. But you'd be missing out on years of technical practice if you just worked on strength to the exclusion of the snatch and C&J.

Notice the Chinese coach said they "focus" on building strength. You can have something be the focus of your training and still have many other aspects of training present. Guaranteed the chinese lifters are still practicing positions and working technique in the lifts while focusing on building strength.

And I'll also have to refer back to something Greg Everett mentioned, but what evidence do you have that American weightlifters are not trying to get strong? I've watched videos of the training of various camps. The squat heavy, do heavy pulls and complexes like the rest of the world does. I think I heard the OTC Coach is an eastern european coach so we don't have an "American" programming problem here.

I agree with you. Strength is important. But there are alot of other reasons we don't do well at weightlifting.
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