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Re: CFE Swim vs run vs row vs bike

Originally Posted by Michael Zoda View Post
First off for the CFE wods, how do you choose between Running/Rowing/Biking/Swimming. Obviously if your training for a particular race you would do the sport that lines up with your race, but what if your not training for a race at the moment.
Just pick whatever's most important to you...

Originally Posted by Michael Zoda View Post
Second question:

Overall it seems like your not supposed to follow whats comes up on the CFE main page everyday. The CFE workouts follow a 3 on 1 off scheme but the FAQ only says to do 3 CFE workouts per week. Does this mean do the S+C 3 on 1 off (i might do 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off) and just pick three of the CFE workouts for the week? Why do they post a CFE workout in the 3:1 scheme?

I'm pretty sure you do the S+C thing 3 on 1 off and then pick 3 of the CFE workouts and do those in addition, spaced out evenly throughout the week.

But I would check on their forums to be sure.

I don't think there is much magic behind the 3:1 scheme so just do whatever allows you to progress.
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