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CFE Swim vs run vs row vs bike

Hey guys I've been lurking the CFE site for the past few days. Ive read through the FAQ but I still have some questions. I've always leaned towards strength, but Ive been doing some rock climbing lately and for some reason i'm really sparking interest in the endurance stuff.

First off for the CFE wods, how do you choose between Running/Rowing/Biking/Swimming. Obviously if your training for a particular race you would do the sport that lines up with your race, but what if your not training for a race at the moment.

Second question:

Overall it seems like your not supposed to follow whats comes up on the CFE main page everyday. The CFE workouts follow a 3 on 1 off scheme but the FAQ only says to do 3 CFE workouts per week. Does this mean do the S+C 3 on 1 off (i might do 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off) and just pick three of the CFE workouts for the week? Why do they post a CFE workout in the 3:1 scheme?

Im not starting the program for awhile. Sitting on a messed up SI joint at the moment.
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