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Re: Plyobox sizes

Originally Posted by Scott Stevens View Post
The box I go to has the short "aerobic step" style boxes, then 10", 20", 24" and 30". After that we just start stacking bumper plates. They all get use in one way or another.
except also consider building maybe one big box for max efforts.

Some guys in our gym were up over 40" today (I think one got to 50"), and the biggest box we had was a 24", which of course then meant that they had to stack a bunch of bumpers to get to the upper limits of the jumps. There we no real problems, but I think it would have been safer had they not had to stack so many bumpers.

Edit to add link to vid on Vimeo here (wfs). This was one of top jumps today. Might've been the top one. Wasn't there to see it personally.

- Mark

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