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Re: Community transparency? Necessary?

Originally Posted by Elizabeth Detelich View Post
A friend of mine used to own a box but broke away from the partnership. He still receives calls from the city that the current box owner is grossly overdue with utility payments, etc and has tax liens on the property; however, the box continually markets to other affiliate owners on how to grow, etc.

From an outsider's perspective, it's completely unethical but I suppose I only know one side of the story.

I don't really plan on saying anything; I just can't get my mind off it for some reason.

Just looking for opinions if anyone is willing to offer them.

Thanks and happy new year!
If a partner has left the business then he/she shopuld ensure this is made known to any legal organisation, the state, tax office, facility owners and in some cases the city and so on ASAP otherwise they will still believe that he/she is still an owner thus accountable for any debt. Sometimes this is overlooked or missed and can cause allot of issues for the previous partner.

If all of this is taken care of and the partner no longer has any legal ties to the business then he/she can politely give them the silent finger.

But for some reason he/she was contacted because they still believe he/she is co owner, so something is missing or taking time to change in their records.

Any business can run well and grow but they might not make any money! that is when they need to go back to the drawing board, calculate the business model and make the adjustments they need to, to bring them into the plus figures. their costs might be high and the membership fees too low thus not covering cost.. or salaries are too high. This is easy to fix but action needs to be taken ASAP to stop it escalating otherwise it will only lead to one thing....
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