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Split jerk weaker than clean and jerk...

Today I did the Split jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 WOD. About three weeks ago I hit a new max on Clean and Jerk (195), so I figured today I'd shoot for 200-210 range for a new jerk max. However, I wasn't even close. I couldnt get 175 above my head. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this kind of setback? A few more data points:

- Yesterday I hit shoulders pretty hard with the third week of my Wendler cycle military press (95x5, 110x3, 125x3), followed by the 21-15-9 DB hang squat clean / handstand push-ups WOD.

- I felt like I warmed up enough for today's Split jerk, doing a few rounds of overhead squats, strict press, and split jerks at lower weights (95-135).

- My reps for the jerk WOD were 155-165-175f-175f-165-165-175f

- About 10 days ago I was able to do 175x5 push jerks in the strict/push press/push jerk WOD.

I felt like I was lacking explosiveness from my hips during today's WOD. Perhaps I didn't have the explosiveness or strength because I was "fresh" just doing the jerks, instead of getting the heart pumping and the muscles working like I did during my clean and jerk max or last week's push jerks? Or maybe my shoulders are just taxed? I really tried to focus on explosiveness with the hips to get the weight moving but it wasn't happening.

I'm a little discouraged that I couldn't at least tie my jerk max of 195. Looking for advice...
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