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Re: Zone Diet and Sleep (

I am having the same issue but with Paleo.

I have just started Paleo. I eased into it prior to some vacation in early June. When I came back just last week I became more strict with it.

I'm currently 259 pounds (down from 272 when I started in early June). I'm trying to get down to 215 (a forced weigh in based on my height from Boy Scouts weight requirements for their high adventure camps) as a goal.

I'm crossfitting 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off mostly in early mornings.

The thing is that no matter what time I go to bed I can't sleep. It is as if I have "too much" energy".

Anyone else experienced this? Suggestions? A WOD at 6 am after 4 hours of sleep and 4 hours of tossing and turning sucks. And that night I can't sleep all over again.

I've done ZMA before and it helps.

Like to hear others experiences.
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