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Re: Injuries, nutrition, pro athletes.

Originally Posted by Liz Wolfe View Post
Just wanted to share the following from my most recent Weston A. Price newsletter...thought is was timely as football season comes to a close. Timely and EXTREMELY funny.

"'Redskins catch on to healthy habits' was the headline of a Washington Post article about Jane Jakubezak, nutritionist for the Washington, DC football team (September 16, 2010). Thanks to Jane's urging, veteran running back Clinton Portis now eats lean protein and vegetables, avoids butter and cream, and shuns his mother's comfort foods. The weird, birdfood diet Jakubezak recommends for these star athletes includes whole grain cereal, skim milk, energy shakes, lowfat chocolate milk (after workouts), lean meat, egg white omelets, peanut butter and jelly, and lots and lots of whole wheat bread. By Thanksgiving, the Redskins had the longest list of injured players in the league - fourteen in all, including Portis. By contrast, the Philadelphia Eagles, whose trainers recommend a more caveman-like diet and pickle juice during practice, have one of the lowest injury rates in the league."

Love everything about this - especially the "weird birdfood diet" line.

I'm no Eagles fan, but kudos to their trainers.
Tell that to poor Leonard Weaver.
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