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Problem with Paleo (+Diet Critique)

So, I'm getting a little frustrated with the Paleo diet. I haven't seen any improvement in my health or body composition. I'm trying to put on some muscle mass, but instead the more I eat, the fatter I get... I also get some acne now and then even on a Paleo diet. I'm currently 6'2", 180 lbs. Here's what I usually have in one day:

Breakfast (pre-workout): 1.5 cups organic whole milk*, 1 scoop whey protein, some shredded coconut, 2 bananas.

Post-workout: 1.5 cups organic whole milk, 1 scoop whey protein, some berries.

Lunch (usually about an hour after the post-workout meal):
a big piece of meat or fish (no idea how much exactly, but it's big, I usually add some slices of ham if I didn't have enough meat)
-some mixed frozen veggies (to add some variety, I may have some broccoli, spinach or sweet potato instead)
-about 15 macadamias
(meat & veggies cooked with olive oil).

Snack: 2 apples and 30+ almonds.

Dinner: same as lunch.

*about the milk, I tried many brands of coconut milk but I just can't stand the taste, almond milk tastes like paint and goat milk tastes like crap when mixed with fruits. I'm allergic to eggs so no eggs for me.
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