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Originally Posted by Tim Nakashima View Post
Metcons from CFFB would be great as long as they fit in with your cycle (ie you wouldn't want to do a leg intensive metcon a couple days before squatting).

Regarding continuing each lift where you left off, as long as you were doing "sets across" for all lifts, and you aren't close to stalling, then I'd keep going. Just keep in mind, the heavier the weight is now, the sooner you'll stall and have to reset (especially squats because you go up 10#/week).

I wouldn't recommend combining the two days. However, if you're still early in your progression and the weights are light and you can handle it, then go for it. IMO it depends entirely on how YOU feel. I definitely wouldn't recommend making up a missed workout by combining it with the following days workout (lack of recovery for the next workout).

Good luck,

I'm thinking fridays will be the day to do any leg intensive exercises, if that. Definitely don't want to do alot on tuesday and not be ready for thursday's squats.

I was doing sets across for the lifts, only problem is in the past three weeks that I've been doing CFFB the 5x3 squats have been done much more than anything else. I started with weights for each lift that would have me hit my previous 5RM in 4-5weeks, but only the squats (and the press somewhat due to starting a bit too high) are close. Bench, Power Clean, and Deadlift are still easy, at least 3-4 weeks away from hitting previous 5RM. I started the squats out at 95lbs and my previous 5RM was 125 (yea I know). The next workout will be 125, but 120 was not bad at all, and I have fractional plates (1.25lbs) if the weight gets too heavy to increase by 5lbs/workout. Squats were the first lift to get really hard anyways when I did a cycle of SS.

About missing workouts, if I combine two and drop the metcon then it would just be a normal SS workout, which is why I thought it would be ok to do. But I'll see how I feel and take it from there. Thanks for your help!
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