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Originally Posted by Joe Bernard View Post

That's good to hear about your brother Tim, I'm hoping to experience the same thing with either program. I found the PDF of the CFWF program while doing some more searching on google and it has some metcons on there, so I'll use those to start out with and try incorporating some of the things you mentioned. Would using metcons from CFFB work?

After thinking about it for a bit, especially after today's CFFB WOD, I'm going to switch to CFWF. When I began CFFB, I started each lift at 75% of my 5RM, should I just continue with where I am at regarding my progressions with each lift for CFWF or start from scratch again?
Metcons from CFFB would be great as long as they fit in with your cycle (ie you wouldn't want to do a leg intensive metcon a couple days before squatting).

Regarding continuing each lift where you left off, as long as you were doing "sets across" for all lifts, and you aren't close to stalling, then I'd keep going. Just keep in mind, the heavier the weight is now, the sooner you'll stall and have to reset (especially squats because you go up 10#/week).

Originally Posted by Joe Bernard View Post
If for some reason I cannot workout on one of the days of the CFWF program, could I combine two days to make up for it? Like if I know I can't make it to the gym one friday, could I do the squat and press (from thursday's workout) with the deadlift (friday's workout) on thursday and just drop the metcon?
I wouldn't recommend combining the two days. However, if you're still early in your progression and the weights are light and you can handle it, then go for it. IMO it depends entirely on how YOU feel. I definitely wouldn't recommend making up a missed workout by combining it with the following days workout (lack of recovery for the next workout).

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