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Originally Posted by Jason A Smith View Post

I follow CFFB and I guess the question to you is.....what are YOUR goals ? My goal was to get strong and quick (something I like in spades) and I also wanted something I did not have to program. So CFFB works great for my goals right now. However, I will likely start playing hockey this winter (for fun) and likely will do a little less training which will take me either to In-Season (on CFFB which is an option for you too) or to the CFWF incorporating some conditioning work (likely from CFFB). My next move after this is to learn how to do some Oly lifting, which I will likely follow on At some point when I feel like I have adressed most of my weaknesses (gymnastics would be in there as well) and I am happy where I am at I will likely return to the mainpage for a stretch. Right now I am still really liking lifting heavy.

What are your current stats, CFFB also squats (usually) 2Xweek. Follow it for 4 months and you could add between 70-80 lbs on your squat. I think three weeks is still a little early to tell. Most of the real studs over at CFFB have been on it for a year or so. Follow the program, eat and the rest will fall into place.
General goals were stated in my first post: get stronger (hamstring permitting), gain 15-20lbs, and maintain some conditioning. I lost 25lbs from December to July, no idea why, so I lost a bunch of strength as well. As of now, my current 1RM (from the CFFB total last friday) are:

Squat: 150
Deadlift: 205
Bench: 150
Press: Don't know, probably around 100-105
Clean: 135

Some specific goals would be to get my squat up to at least 200lbs, and DL up to at least 300lbs, more would be nice. Not looking to become a firebreather, just stronger in general and not be mistaken for an XC runner.

I know three weeks of CFFB is too early to tell, it's just that I think (and feel) that four metcons per week is cutting into my strength gains. Plus, metcons do not make me nearly as hungry as just lifting heavy does. When I did SS last fall I could eat alot and not feel so full that the next day I would not eat much (which is happening now). I'd like to focus more on strength stuff, which CFWF does, because I love lifting (relatively) heavy stuff and it would benefit me more.

I think that CFFB would be good to go back to once I have gained a decent amount of strength. Take today's CFFB metcon for example, I used 100lbs for the push press (probably should have used 110lbs), which is alot of scaling. I love the programming, it's just that it is probably too much conditioning for my goals.

Originally Posted by Tim Nakashima View Post
My brother was in a similar situation: 5'11" 138#. I put him on CFWF, starting light, eating a LOT, drinking a LOT of milk and now, 6 weeks later, he's up to 160#. His strength has been going through the roof and the 2 metcons a week aren't too taxing for him to recover in time to continue making strength gains.

As far as metcons go, I've been programming a mix of sled drags, tire flips, clean and jerks, power snatches, kettlebell swings, etc. relatively heavy, but really focusing on technique as his strength comes along.

I really don't think you can go wrong with either program.

That's good to hear about your brother Tim, I'm hoping to experience the same thing with either program. I found the PDF of the CFWF program while doing some more searching on google and it has some metcons on there, so I'll use those to start out with and try incorporating some of the things you mentioned. Would using metcons from CFFB work?

After thinking about it for a bit, especially after today's CFFB WOD, I'm going to switch to CFWF. When I began CFFB, I started each lift at 75% of my 5RM, should I just continue with where I am at regarding my progressions with each lift for CFWF or start from scratch again?

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