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I am stuck as to whether I should do CFFB or CFWF. I am 5'10 140-142lbs and want to get stronger, gain 15-20lbs, and maintain some conditioning. I've been doing CFFB for the past three weeks and like it, but after seeing the layout for CFWF I'm thinking about switching to it due to hitting each lift at least once, squats being 2x/week, and not as many metcons. The only problem is how to program the metcons, I know they should be heavy and short (6-10mins), but I have never programmed metcons before. I am not doing SS because my right hamstring is still not 100% from when I injured it, and recovering from squatting 3x/week was pretty hard when I was at college (did a cycle last fall) due to sleep issues. I was eating enough and started very low for weights, so I'm positive it was due to sleep, which was 5-6hrs per night.

So given all of this info, which one would be better for me given my goals? Or are they pretty much equal in terms of developing strength while maintaining some conditioning? I should add that after metcons I don't really have an appetite and have to force down food, whereas with strength workouts it's easier for me to eat something right after.

I searched for this but didn't really find an answer, only a recommendation to do one or the other.

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