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Re: Yet Another Diet Critique

Originally Posted by Ryan Ransom View Post
I didn't know about Marks daily apple. Interesting stuff. Apparently, I'm currently in the weight management zone as I am between 100g-150g of carbs a day. If I do want to lean out just ditching 2 carb blocks a day would put me below 100g. However, although it's hard for me to do, I read a lot about eating all veggies and fruits makes it hard to eat too many carbs so WAM is something I wouldn't have to do. I don't know if I could handle that because of my type A personality but I'm trying!! It would be nice not to WAM anything...
It you are happy WAMing then do it. I WAM my protein and fat but I free eat veggies. Whatever works and keeps you happy.

As for what Brian said, he's completely right, it's very very VERY hard to lean out and make strength gains beyond a novice phase.

You could look to replace some of the fruit with sweet potatoes and yams (eat to cook and carry to the gym) and squash. This would lower your sugar intake but keep your overall carbs propped up.

which do you want more? bigger lifts or abs? Just remember dropping the carbs might kill your strength progression.
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